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Sign up for a Yahoo account
And also use Google to search for the solutions for the problem that you have. As mentioned above, Yahoo makes it extremely easy to sign up for an account. Creat new yahoo account? How do i creat a new yahoo email account? If not it will suggest you similar available Yahoo ids.

Yahoo Sign Up process

Create a Yahoo email account (new Yahoo Mail email address)

Open a web browser and navigate to the Yahoo Mail page at mail. Fill in the information on the registration page. This information will include your name, date of birth, mobile number, and gender. Choose a username and a password. You may have to choose several different user IDs before you find one that is available. Enter your mobile phone number, including area code.

Your phone number will help you regain access to your account should you forget your password. Enter an optional recovery number. The recovery number helps you regain access to your account should you lose your phone, and forget your password. Bella Michaels is a graduate of the University of Memphis. After a successful career in business she turned her talents to writing. From the I prefer content from from pull-down menu, select the language in which you want your Yahoo!

The Registration page immediately appears in the language you selected. Type your first name, and press the Tab key. Type your last name, and press the Tab key. From the Gender pull-down menu, select Male or Female. From the Birthday pull-down menu, select the month you were born, type the day, and then the year yyyy.

From the I live in pull-down menu, select the country in which you live. Click in the Yahoo! ID and Email box. IDs that you might like and that have not been taken yet.

Create a user name with at least 4 characters but no longer than 32 characters. The user name must start with a letter. Your user name can contain letters, numbers, and one dot. Selecting ID and password Type the user name you want, and then select a domain from the pull-down menu. You can select yahoo. Click in the Password box. Create a password with at least 6 characters but no more than 32 characters. Do not use your name or Yahoo!

Click in the Re-type Password box, and type the password again. Click in the Alternate Email box, and type one of your other email addresses. All communications from Yahoo!

You can select two Security Questions or create your own. A Security Question provides you with a second level of security beyond your normal Yahoo! You may be asked your Security Question when you need a new password, technical support, or questions about your billing.

You can then import your Contacts list from the old account to keep them. Mail will go to either account, but they are separate. If someone sends mail to the old e-mail address, it will go to the same Inbox so you don't lose any messages.

You do not need to inform anyone of the new address - there is a drop-down menu at the right in From:

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