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But the genre's producers often just laugh all the way to the bank. Appropriation in the arts. Collage Swipe Comic strip switcheroo Photographic mosaic Combine painting.

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We see a vision of him at a bar, flirting with a pretty blonde. Moments later, the two of them are getting busy in a convertible. Except it turns out that he only imagined it. According to the Bible, looking at another person with lust is the same as actual adultery, so while Jon did not cheat on his wife physically, having an active imagination is just as bad. Thankfully, Jon is allowed to return to his wife, after Jesus jumps in front of the bullet meant for him, as if he's the guy two days from retirement in a cop movie.

And Jon learns a valuable lesson about Christianity in the best way possible: The hero of Fight is struggling with his carnal desires, a theme that can be explored in many original and exciting ways. Fight chooses to depict humanity's eternal struggle against our baser desires by focusing on a middle-aged man who watches too much Internet porn. Which he accomplishes by typing the word "pornography" into a search bar. Now, depending on how it's written and portrayed, maybe that premise could still be good.

Judd Apatow could make it funny. Darren Aronofsky could make it existentially horrific. David Cronenberg could have the guy turn inside out and grow teeth on his balls or something. But no, Fight is not great with metaphors. It chooses to depict this internal fight as a literal fight; the man has a boxing match over Internet porn against Satan and his tiny, tiny nipples. The two opponents spar, and in the end, our tempted husband is down for the count. He's beaten and bloodied, and remember that here, that's a metaphor that means he's juuuust about to start jerking off.

Suddenly, God who's been the corner man the entire time tells Stan to get up and finish the fight for his wife. Stan stands up, looks the Devil square in the eye, and The wife then comes home, sees what's left of the Sin Box in the dumpster, and embraces her triumphant husband.

The Thief series consists of four Christian films produced by Russell Doughten throughout the '70s and '80s. Each of these movies focuses on the aftermath of the Rapture aka the Jesus Apocalypse and the rebels who fight against the Antichrist -- who is, of course, part of the United Nations.

In this extra-lame version of the apocalypse, good ol' AC takes over the whole planet armed with nothing more than a really strongly-worded letter. Under UNITE's rule, every citizen is ordered to get a bunch of weird characters tattooed on their body, which of course turn out to be binary code for "". For further evidence of the level of subtlety on display in these films, let's take the death of Billy from Image of the Beast. See that precious bundle of adorableness that could probably buy a candy bar with a smile?

That's Billy, moments before he gets put in a guillotine and his fucking head is cut off. In the third film, Billy and our hero David are about to be sentenced to death. David nobly tells the villains that they can do whatever they want to Billy, because Billy loves Jesus and is sooo not afraid of a little beheading.

They chop Billy's head straight off. In the next movie, David is alive and well , having been spared his execution. Our hero's great sacrifice was basically saying "fuck it, kill the kid. Miracle Man is the tale of Jesus Christ if he had been born in the modern era, had comic book super powers, and fought demons between trips to Hot Topic.

In the movie, Jesus J. For instance, here's Jesus' famous temptation scene:. Surprisingly, this film did not meet with blockbuster commercial success. It was originally pitched as a television show , but Jesus apparently did not take the wheel in those meetings, since the filmmakers eventually mashed all the episodes together into a movie and released it for free on the Internet.

Because that's where Christ is truly needed most: Trying to change the world? Make way for the bozos who don't understand what you're doing.

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