5 Best VPNs for BBC iPlayer that still work in 2018

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You can read more of his writing at Honor and Daring. Recently, my wife started to let our two-year-old son watch Sesame Street. She figured it would be a fun way to help him learn how to read so she started to record the episodes. But after screening some episodes, we were horrified by the messages that the show is trying to teach children. We will never let our son watch Sesame Street again.

I understand that the left has an agenda and that they always feel the need to push the latest front in the culture war, but I expect that they would have the decency to leave children out of it. Sesame Street now has a set of new generation of muppets in addition to the old favorites like Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch.

The premise is simple enough. The muppets are attending a school to learn how to be fairies. The whole Fairy School segment seems to be geared more toward girls than boys. But I am not going to belabor that point. In the episode entitled Cinderella Challenge, the characters have to participate in a challenge to earn their fairy godmother wings. As a little boy, one of the most humiliating things that can be done to you is to be forced to act like a girl.

What is behind this nonsense? Why did the Sesame Street writers feel the need to humiliate one of the male muppets?

I was raised to judge people based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. I have no problem with people being proud of how they look or of their ethnic background. But I do have a problem with discrimination against white people. What site is that? Most I have found end up being a let down with ads and pops up all over my screen and lots of buffering all the time! Nov 12, at 6: You can watch the Olympics live in English on youtube: Another good solution for watching western TV abroad is slingbox www.

No subscriptions, just purchase the box. You just have to find someone willing to host the box in your country. I highly recommend it. Aug 07, at Your email address will not be published. Notify me when new comments are added. And so I gave in and looked for a quality paid solution.

Click here to visit the ExpatTelly. Chiang Mai Burning Season: Conflict Avoidance Finally: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. SU it Pin it Digg it Email it. Fortunately, you can get all the live TV and catch-up in one place with TVplayer.

I made this guide to help you get TV abroad. There are other VPN sites but they direct you to iPlayer and such. Also, there are some illegal TV sites but they tend not to last long and do you really want a criminal record by using an illegal service? Plus, they tend to have those weird pop-ups that they make hard to close intentionally.

Watch this video on YouTube. UK TV Abroad Support We love TV and we are passionate about helping you , to message us for support, click on the chat widget bottom-right or visit our support page. TVPlayer website does not normally work abroad but with the VPN mentioned above, you will be able to unblock it abroad. It is the best way to get a stable service that won't be closed down.

As well as being able to watch TV again you will also get other essential benefits. Benefits so important that even people in the UK should be using one. However, these benefits are even more important abroad. Especially if you are on wi-fi or staying in a place you don't own. As the people who are paying for that internet connection could potentially record all data sent to and from your device on an unencrypted connection.

Encrypting your connection prevents this snooping seamlessly in the background so you won't notice any detrimental effects. Additionally, people won't be able to connect to your device without your permission as easily because they don't know where it is located on the internet as trivially. This prevents hacking into your device remotely via the internet. Also, a VPN can speed up the internet connection as the data sent and received is more optimised so the packets of data you request are smaller.

Thus making things you upload and download transfer faster. So less buffering with your favourite live broadcasts and video-on-demand. This is due to licensing and the fact that when you try to access the service your computer is telling the service provider that you are outside of the UK.

They know this because of your computers IP address which is always automatically set to the country you are in. The VPN software works by changing the IP address of your computer you are in whatever country you choose in the settings. However, the one that works best is mentioned in step 2 above. It has all the content you could want on one website. The content you need to get started is above but for those that want some background of our project. The site has all the best channels and shows you are missing from home.

There is nothing complicated to set up or contracts to worry about.

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